Advantage II

Advantage II eliminates fleas and lice and now offers better protection for your dog. A highly effective pest treatment, the formula is for dogs and puppies older than 7 weeks and weighing over 55 lbs. Advantage II is also safe and will not harm pregnant or nursing dogs.

This flea control product eliminates fleas at all of their life stages. The fast-acting formula imidacloprid will kill fleas within 12 hours and re-infesting fleas within 2 hours.

Advantage II eliminates fleas and lice by killing their eggs and larvae completely with an integrated flea control (IFC) solution. Using properties like adulticidal, larvicidal, and ovicidal, the new and improved Advantage II formula inhibits flea growth. Specifically targeting insects, pyriproxyfen uses hormone signaling to stop insects from developing during their maturity cycle.


• Prevent fleas from infesting your home, kills fleas at all life stages

• Uses imidacloprid which paralyzes fleas, kills on contact, and reduces flea allergy

• Waterproof

• Guaranteed US EPA approved

• Quick and easy application with easy-squeeze tube

• Long lasting topical, 4 or 6 months per package